Initiated in 2013, the Tsavo Conservancy is a partnership between seven landowner groups, who are members of the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project in the Tsavo Conservation Area. The seven ranches came together with the common aim to protect the wildlife, create alternative income sources and provide additional community benefits. The landowners recognised the symbiotic relationship between people and nature, identifying the need for conservation with the potential for tourism in the area. After numerous meetings, the 100,000 hectare Tsavo Conservancy was established. The unique aspect of this initiative remains that it is entirely locally owned and driven, ensuring that all benefits go directly to the Tsavo communities.

Goals of The Tsavo Conservancy

  1. Create alternative income sources for the community
  2. Develop community based tourism and conservation infrastructure
  3. Reduce human-wildlife conflict
  4. Create job opportunities
  5. Increase land and tenure security
  6. Heighten security for people and wildlife
  7. Enhance cohesion amongst the landowners